Faq's on Garment Care

To ensure a long lasting life for your garment ALWAYS read the manufacturer's care instructions.

Here are some handy hints:

  • DO NOT: Roll up or store wet
  • DO NOT: Use bleach, soak or rub
  • DO NOT: Hand Wring
  • DO NOT: Tumble dry
  • DO NOT: Dry clean, or Iron
  • AVOID: Rough or abrasive surfaces (eg sitting directly on rocks or rough timber seats) Avoid: Swimsuit contact with suntan lotions
  • AVOID: Pools treated with harsh chemicals as some colours or prints may fade Avoid: Use in spas as the combination of heat and chlorine will deteriorate your swimwear.


Generally remember: Always rinse your garment well after use to wash out any excess perspiration, salt water or chlorine. For best results wash your garment separately from other items in cold water using a mild soap or detergent. Dry flat in the shade. Spas are generally heated and contain higher levels of chlorine and acids. Some colours may alter in appearance or become transparent when wet. Why not wear one of your old swimsuits for the spa.

Common causes of deterioration are often pool chemicals such as chlorine and acid, as well as sunscreen, perfume, deodorant, tanning products and perspiration. In excessive amounts, these can all cause staining & age your garment. We sell a pool and beach wash, which is gentle and safe to your swimwear. See accessories


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